1st grade event

MAY 6TH | 6:15-8:15 PM | CRPS GYM


​BIG THANKS to our chairs, Christina DiMuzio, Kathryn O'Donnell, and Noelle Sues, for organizing such a fun and active night for our 1st graders! SPECIAL THANKS to Col. Jim Sfayer and several ROTC students for helping to plan, set-up, and run the team building exercises. THANKS ALSO to the many parent volunteers who helped throughout the event: Donna Alagna, Jennifer Albano, Katina Churney, Vanessa Dawson, Max Dubinskiy, Kristi Gaglio, Emily Greenberg, Liz Jakubik, Kim Kaufman, Amy Linquito, Christine Lynam, Jamie Magro, Jeanette Moriarty, Lena Nicholson, Jaime Paolino, Kate Pires, Jill Rapoport, Sharon Reagan, Stacy Savich, Jennifer Sciacca, Melissa Strouse, Jarret Sues, and John Tobia.