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photo montage


Calling all 8th grade parents, please submit photos for the 8th Grade Photo Montage! Send in at least two school-related photos of your child, including their name and school event/year the photo was taken. Group photos work best. Click on our flyer below for details. For questions, or to send your photos, please email at




Send in your photos!  Traditionally, a montage of photos, from kindergarten through 8th grade, is prepared and presented to the students at their 8th grade dance. This montage is then sent to the graduating class as a gift from the PTO. In an effort to reduce the amount of time spent scrambling for photos during your child's graduation year, we have created dedicated email addresses for each grade. Please send any school related photos you may have to the appropriate email address below. Examples include: Class Parties, Band or Choir Performances, School Sports (track, basketball, baseball, softball or soccer), any PTO events including Frosty's Holiday Shop, or any other School Function.  

Please follow these steps:

  • Include your child's name and the school event and year the photo was taken. 

  • Email photos to: ClassOf(Graduation year) Replace (Graduation year) with your child's year, using the chart below.


For questions, email

Current Year   Graduation Year

8th Grade                               2024

7th Grade                               2025

6th Grade                               2026

5th Grade                               2027

4th Grade                               2028

3rd Grade                               2029

2nd Grade                              2030

1st Grade                               2031

Kindergarten                          2032

Pre-K (4)                                2033

Pre-K (3)                                2034

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