frosty's holiday shop


HUGE THANKS to Julie Warnke for running this festive event for our kids!  


MANY THANKS to all of the parent and student volunteers who lent a helpful hand before, after, and during the event: Danielle Alpaugh, Kera Anest, Tara Buss, Katina Churney, Kirsten Connor, Paola DiNapoli, Stacey Katz, Colleen Mayrose, Jennifer Mule, Lena Nicholson, Chelsea Pizzillo, Evelyn Reinson, Rebecca Roach, and Michelle Young.


THANKS ALSO to our student volunteers who acted as helpful elves for our little shoppers!


A VERY SPECIAL THANK YOU to Steve Gimbelman of Designer Greetings for the generous donation of gift bags and tissue paper.  


If any student needs a service hours form signed, please contact Julie  at