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school store

May 1st and 2nd  | DURING LUNCH PERIODS | CRES

BIG THANKS to Danielle Alpaugh and Danielle Stropoli for organizing the last CRES School Store of the year!

THANKS ALSO to the many volunteers who helped our shoppers: Gina Adamshick, Delanie Brown, Christina DiMuzio, Allison DiSimone, Kim Kaufman, Linda Kraszewski, Daniela Lennan, Amy Linquito, Christine Lynam, Jennifer Mule, Lena Nicholson, Kevin O’Connor, Tara Patlen, Renate Pinnix, Lindsey Powell, Jeanette Moriarty, Danielle Quigley, Vanessa Rahman, Rebecca Roach, Jennifer Sciacca, Vanessa Siroti, Kristen Stark, Jen Streit, Melissa Nasto Strouse, Lauren Young and Jenn Zimmerman.

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