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legacy gifts

New School Signs installed at all three schools: Conover Road Primary School, Conover Road Elementary School and Cedar Drive Middle School.

The PTO is very excited to announce the 2023 Legacy Gift! Much time has been dedicated to choosing funding that supports CN Township Schools’ strategic plan and directly benefits our students and our schools.

We are overjoyed to announce a Legacy Gift of $124,895!

Please click on the link below for a complete list of Legacy Gift items. We want to thank everyone for their generous support and fundraising efforts during the past 3 years which have made this gift possible!




Ever wonder where all the money the PTO raised has gone? Together, we have made a huge impact on our schools and on our children's education.  Here is a list of just some of the legacy gifts the PTO has been able to donate to the schools thanks to all of our hardworking and generous members.

  • $58,915 Chromebooks

  • $55,000 CRPS Distanced Learning Equipment

  • $40,500 Innovation Labs

  • $38,331 Virtual Learning Centers

  • $17,193 CRPS Projector

  • $16,972 CDMS Manufacturing Classroom 

  • $15,000 Gym Equipment

  • $7,430 School News Video Equipment

  • $6,413 Tower Gardens

  • $6,142 Computer Work Stations

  • $5,898 Outdoor Lunch Furniture

  • $5,268 Outdoor Learning Environment

  • $3,749 CDMS 8th Grade Commons Furniture

  • $3,000 Student Showcases


Putting Green installed at Conover Road Elementary School, photographed from the Official Opening with Principle Osmond testing the new green.

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