harlem wizards


BIG THANKS to Danielle Gibson and Patricia Pecoraro for organizing this big 2018 fundraiser! MANY THANKS to all our teachers and staff who played for The Educators: Mr. Baiata, Mrs. Barr, Mrs. Campbell, Mr. Czerwinksi, Mrs. Delia, Mr. Nunez, Mr. Osmond, Ms. L. Quigley, Mrs. Rauso, Mr. Ricci, Mr. Rigby, Mrs. Tarby, Mr. White, Mr. Willis, and our security guard, Tyler! THANKS ALSO to all of you who purchased tickets and came out to the game! 

The Harlem Wizards fundraiser is usually held every 2-4 years, in the winter. During this event our teachers and staff battle on the court against the Harlem Wizards. This event will not run during the 2018/19 school year. For more information, contact president@coltsneckpto.org.