welcome to the colts neck pto


All families of students enrolled in the Colts Neck Public School District, as well teachers, are invited to join the Colts Neck PTO. Registered members of the Colts Neck PTO promote many programs through which our children grow and learn. Many of our programs are have been created to raise funds for our schools and many are just plain fun. To foster a feeling of community and create a safe social setting for our children, we also organize student activities for all grades, beginning in Pre-K.


Our organization is extremely active with members sharing both their time and their talents. In the past three years, the PTO has raised more than $200,000. This money is used to fund all of our standing committees, in addition to fulfilling various school-wide requests. Some past requests included school signs at Conover Primary and Elementary, an automatic curtain for the stage at the Primary School, partial funding for a basketball court at the Elementary School, and gym equipment. The Colts Neck PTO was also instrumental in providing funding for the Primary School playground. The PTO's more recent contribution of chromebooks and cases increased the scope of the district's one-to-one technology initiative.


The Colts Neck PTO is only as good as its members. It is the hard work and devotion of many that make our organization such a huge success. We thank you all for your help. Your children, we know, certainly appreciate your efforts.

2021-2022 colts neck pto board members



DANIELLE QUIGLEY | president@coltsneckpto.org



KIRSTEN CONNOR | vp@coltsneckpto.org



OPEN | fundraising@coltsneckpto.org


OPEN | sponsorship@coltsneckpto.org


MELANIE YALE | treasurer@coltsneckpto.org



VANESSA RAHMAN | assistanttreasurer@coltsneckpto.org



SAMANTHA AMATO | secretary@coltsneckpto.org



JOANNE PASSALACQUA | studentactivities@coltsneckpto.org



LENA NICHOLSON | webmaster@coltsneckpto.org


KIM KAUFMAN | digitalmedia@coltsneckpto.org

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